World’s most EXPENSIVE car number plate

If you think supercars are astronomically expensive, your may revise your opinion after reading this. Exclusive number plates like “0001” are auctioned by the government authorities all over the world. In many countries, people can also use alphabets in their car numbers and have come up with many interesting names. One of them is the “F1” number plate. The United Kingdom number plate was auctioned for a whopping Rs. 132 crores! Here is everything that you want to know.

What is it about?

The F1 number plate is awarded for a limited duration and many vehicles in the UK have featured it in the past. The cars include a couple of Mercedes-McLaren SLR, fully customised Range Rovers and even a Bugatti Veyron. The exotic number was first auctioned to the public in 2008. The Essex City Council was the previous owner of the number plate since 1904. The popular car custom workshop owner Afzal Kahn owns the number plate currently. He owns the UK-based Kahn Designs that make exclusive customised luxury vehicles.

The Formula1, which is one of the most popular motorsports in the world, is usually referred to as F1. Anyone who knows about Formula1 races would instantly recognise the F1 number plate. The face value of this number is huge! Also, the UK government allows only “F1” written on the number, which makes it one of the shortest legal car numbers in the world. Initially, the plate was sold for only Rs. 4 crores and. over the years, the value kept on increasing. It is currently the world’s most expensive number.

Auctioning of number plates is quite common around the world. Even in Abu Dhabi, an Indian businessman bid for the D5 number plate for Rs. 67 crores. Another number plate that ends with ‘1’ went for Rs. 66 crores in Abu Dhabi. In India, the auctioning of number plate happens at a low level and the bids generally do not reach such high amounts.

People choose customised number plates or fancy numbers to match various things like their astrological signs, birth dates or even their lucky numbers. The price of many such numbers exceeds the price of their vehicles by multiple times.

Such highly priced number plates will even leave the Ambani family stunned. The richest businessman family of India, the Amabanis own several luxury cars but have never got a fancy number plate for their vehicles.