Unlike the west where the roads are open, the population is much lesser and stricter traffic laws, India is still developing ways to solve their problem statements. This leads to a much lesser opportunity for people to use customized caravans or motor homes. Even manufacturers in our country see no value in creating such products for our country.

There are still a select few, who go the length to own their dream customized caravan which is multipurpose and comfortable to accommodate needs for longer routes. Here we’ll look at one such vehicle which is a Force Traveller, customized by Josh designs based out of Kerela. The vehicle’s primary purpose is to serve as an office on wheels. Let’s look at a detailed video about the modifications done to satisfy the need of the customer.

The video was uploaded by Iambrintow. The video is quite detailed and covers all the aspects of the Force Traveller in as much detail as possible. The exterior of the Traveller has been completely revamped. The metal body is the same but there are major tweaks with the headlights and the grille.

The grille gets brand new chrome strips and the Mercedes log in the centre can’t be missed. The stock headlamps have also been changed with aftermarket headlamps from Honda Civic, making it sharp looking than before.

What makes this vehicle look meatier are the LED DRLs and fog lamps on the redesigned lower part of the bumper. There are not many changes on either side of the vehicle except for the 17-inch alloy wheels which somehow binds the whole masculine image of the Force Traveller.

The vehicle is fully air-conditioned and the windows are fixed. The rear bumper has also been redesigned with a door mounter spare wheel and also aftermarket tail lights. The modification also included air suspension at the rear to make it a much more comfortable ride for the travellers.

Inside the Force Traveller, the modifiers have gone all out. They’ve left no stone unturned to make this an extremely comfortable office space. The partition between the driver seat and the rest of the vehicle has an entry through an electric door.

Going past the electric door, you’ll not be able to miss the seating which includes a 7 feet long sofa and two recliners. It has also been loaded with updated technology such as a microwave oven, refrigerator, LED lighting, LCD screen and various other quirky storage space.

To build up the comfort to maximum, Josh Designz have included an additional split AC inside the cabin apart from the standard air-con system in the vehicle. There is a generator as well as an invertor for more back up in case of the power supply cut. The sound system is a Sony surround sound system and the 7-feet sofa can also be converted into a comfortable bed for 2.

The cost of all the modifications have not been disclosed in the video but should this looks like a work which will be your money’s worth.

Source – Cartoq.