Various KSRTC Pictures By Salam Arakkal

Salam Arakkal from Kalpetta, Wayanad is a Govt employee  who is interested in photography. Here we are publishing some of his top clicks of KSRTC Buses.

Photos : Salam Arakkal

KSRTC, the fond name for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, connects the state well on road. As one of the oldest operated and managed public transports of India. 

The history of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation began whilst the development of the transport industry it wasn’t booming enough like today. The Travancore State Transport Department (TSTD) was constituted by the erstwhile Travancore Government with a view to reorganize the transport service of the State.Mr E.G. Salter, Assistant, Operating Supdt of London Passenger Transport Board was appointed as Supdt on 20.9.1937.

Half a ‘Chakram’ was the minmum fare in 1938. The first class tickets had cost 50% more than the coordinating rate. During that period free travelling was allowed for children upto 3 years and only half the fare for children aged till 14 yrs. There were no luggage tickets as such but when the luggage weighed more than 28 pounds upto 56 pounds it had the levy of 4 chakras and luggage or luggages that weighed more than 56 pounds had the levy of 6 chakras upto 112 pounds and above. Since the Chakram had triple the value of a 100 rupee currency note today, the cost of travelling was comparatively higher during those days.