The automobile’s framework determines the quality of the ride. The smooth, continuous shape of the Swift chassis secures high rigidity while dramatically reducing reinforcing members and weight.

Adopting this new-generation platform contributes to outstanding fuel efficiency and a significantly improved sense of stability and solidity that belies the vehicle’s compact body. Minimizing the size of the engine compartment space also secures room for a comfortable interior

Whenever one generation is replaced by another, there’s an inevitable slow-down in sales, as stock runs low and buyers can’t get hold of the particular specification desired. Then, there’s a ramping-up effect as sales of the new model gradually build.

Suzuki has plenty of light segment vehicles that can help fill the gap left by the Swift during those few months the old car is in run-out, and the new model is yet to arrive.

In other words, Suzuki has options to divert repeat business into alternative products or keep those sales on ice until the new Swift arrives. The situation is more challenging where new customers are concerned. And potentially the hardest of those sales to sustain and nurture will be buyers in the market for a car like the Swift Sport.

There are plenty of hot or warm-hatch options around, and buyers in that market sector tend not to stand around waiting with cash burning a hole in the pocket.

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