Should You Wear Sunglasses While Driving In The Rain?

It is understandable to feel angry while a sudden rainstorm pop out in the middle of the trip. The sky gets darker, then streets get wet and slippery. But what is the worst? Lack of vision. Cannot see more than 4 feet in front of your headlights can easily causes you your own life!

Wear Sunglasses While Driving In The Rain, Why Should We?

It is quite annoying when a sudden storm occurs, especially when you are in a hurry. With a heavy one, drivers might cannot see more than a few feet in front of your vehicles. For a solution, having a pair of polarized sunglasses can actually help you.

Increase Visibility 

When the rain is pouring harder and harder, no one can see the road clearly, even the highest speed of wipers supporting. Especially when the weather is too foggy, car owners cannot even use windshield wipers. In this situation, a pair of sunglasses is really helpful.

For a driver to wear sunglasses while driving in the rain is not something strange. A polarized sunglasses can block horizontal components of reflected light and scattered, which counteract the scattering of light. With this characteristic, they can even work against fog, rain, or any atmospheric effects on daylight. Long story short, car owners can wear sunglasses while driving in the rain in order to see better.

However, there are a few more things to remember while you perform this life hack. Remember this when you want to wear sunglasses while driving in the rain: only polarized lenses works. These type of lenses reduce the glare effects when rain bounces off the road, which make it easier to observe without being distracted. Non-polarized sunglasses will only reduce your sight, along with make it darker and harder to see.

Also, this trick does not work at night. Sunglasses won’t have enough positive effect on the rainfall, also it is already too dark to make it any darker. So if you have darkness and rain as your enemies, we recommend you to stay off the road.

Make The Storm Vanish

Many car owners asked: “Ok we can wear sunglasses while driving in the rain, but how about putting it on when the rain just starts? Is it better or worse?” Weird as it might sounds, it can make the storm magically disappear!

This pair of lenses can make the rain vanish in driver’s eyes. This works in both daylight and low-light nighttime conditions, also reduces the glare from passing cars. As long as the sky is not too dark, the sunglasses will increase contrast in mild to moderate fog.

For any driver who want to wear sunglasses while driving in the rain, not all of them increase visibility in the rain. Contrary to the urban legend’s claim, only polarized lenses will work to offer benefits, since they are special. Also remember, your field of vision can be affected by both fog and light, so wearing sunglasses in the rain is really helpful for drivers.