Rolls-Royce Debuts Ghost Painted With A Thousand Crushed Diamonds

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance shines with actual Diamond paint named Diamond Stardust by Rolls-Royce company. The Ghost Elegance is the product of someone going to Rolls-Royce Bespoke and asking for something unique.

After two months of development, the team in Rolls’ paint shop came up with a mix that placed 1,000 crushed diamonds into a shade that the company named Diamond Stardust. The exterior also features Mugello Red and Black pinstripes running down the side. Matching hand-painted crimson accents appear on the 21-inch wheels.

Figuring out how to incorporate the diamonds into the paint while keeping the finish smooth to the touch wasn’t easy. The company eventually decided to add an additional layer of clear coat that protected the precious stones. The extra process caused an extra two days for applying the extra coat and another day for hand-detailing it.

The buyer doesn’t scrimp on the interior after ordering the unique diamond-infused paint for the outside. Up front, the chauffeur has black leather seats with Mugello Red stitching, and Tudor Oak wood veneer. The rear occupants sit in Selby Grey leather seats with more Mugello Red trim.

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