Ticket checking is a test by the fire that everyone who has traveled long distances in KSRTC would’ve faced. Even if people have the ticket with them, they’ll panic when they see a ticket checking inspector enter the bus. Thoughts like whether we took the tickets or whether we lost it, would come to mind.

The main problem is that majority of the people are not aware of what should be done in case they lose the ticket. Almost 95% of ticketing in KSRTC buses are done through Electronic Ticketing Machine(ETM). So, it isn’t so difficult to find out when, where and how many tickets a passenger had bought. The ticket inspector will take the All Report Hard Copy from the ETM.

All Report Hard Copy shows the number of tickets, the time at which they were taken and the total amount. During the checking time even if the passenger loses the ticket, they can inform the conductor the place and the time while boarding the bus and the destination. By doing this, the conductor will be able to find out the ticket details from the ETM. Therefore, you would be able to travel without panic when it comes to ticket checking hereafter!

Credits : Arun Kumar SK 

Translation : Febin V Thomas