The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) of Kerala had placed an order of 65 units of the Nexon EV earlier this year. Now we can confirm that the deliveries of the Nexon EVs have commenced from Tata Motors’ end.

The photos show Nexon Electric SUVs in white colour, in the top end XZ+ trim.These EVs will be part of the ‘Safe Kerala’ project (launched in order to ensure better enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act) and will be used for law enforcement duties in the coastal state.

The electric SUVs in the photo come along with heavy MVD branding. The MVD logo can be seen on the side and even on the bonnet. Additionally, some more livery can be seen on the side of the car.

It isn’t clear if these EVs got any additional equipment over the standard Nexon EV. Most MVD vehicles get a dedicated radio, strobes, cameras and radar speed sensors and it is highly likely that these units would have also got the same. However, it is difficult to figure out any additional details on the equipment list from the photos alone.

Tata Nexon EV EESL Order The procurement of EVs for various government offices is being led by the ESSL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd) which is a department under the Ministry of Power. In the early days, Tata and Mahindra were leading the EV bids and almost had a duopoly.

However, with more electric vehicles coming in, even vehicles like Hyundai Kona EV are getting additional orders from the ESSL. The procured vehicles for the MVD will be maintained by the ESSL which will also be installing electric charging stations at all offices where these Nexon EVs will be stationed.

The Nexon EV is one of the most cost effective full-sized electric vehicle on sale in India. It is sold in 3 different trim levels and has its pricing starting at INR 13.99 lakhs. All variants draw power from a 30.2 kWh lithium ion battery pack.

Total power output of the EV stands at 129 bhp and 245 Nm of peak torque, which it extracts out of its electric motor. ARAI claimed drive range stands at 312 km on a single charge and if driven judiciously, real-life customers also have managed to get a drive of 250+ kms on single charge.

Competition of the Nexon EV are currently limited, which just include the ZS EV from MG Motors and Kona EV from Hyundai. However, going ahead in the future, Nexon EV might face considerable challenge from upcoming competitors. Speaking of sales, Nexon EV is the best selling EV currently, with over 60% market share this fiscal year.

Written By – Ashwin Ram, Source – Rushlane.