India’s most LUXURIOUS Bharat Benz bus

Transportation has become an important and indispensable part of modern-day life. There are numerous ways of commuting including by air, by private car, by railroad and even public transportation system like a bus.

There are many internationally-acclaimed brands of buses that are offered by various travelling agencies. But nothing recreates the privacy and luxury of travelling in a private bus, especially if it is work-related travel and to save time, you plan to work on the way with your team.

The regular buses don’t really offer comfort or facilities to work leisurely while travelling. The solution? Reddy Customs!

Reddy Customs, which has become a popular name in the customisation circuit for their brilliant work on vehicles in Force Traveller, Royal Enfield Bullet and more in the past has taken up the job of transforming a bus to a working place on wheels.

The result is better than the corner office of most CEOs in India! Here is India’s most luxurious bus that is made for a high profile client by the very skilful team of Reddy Customs.

From the outside, it looks like a luxury touring bus with an all-black exterior, big curtained windows and the beautiful looking chrome rims. The exterior does give a subtle impression of what you will find inside but the pictures show that the transformation job has turned it out better than a luxury private jet.

It is a workplace on wheels for 11 executives spread across two cabins. The first cabin can accommodate 5 executives and it also gets a place for the bossman. The second cabin has a total of 6 seats. The seat for the senior-most official on the bus is the place to be. It is reclinable lounge seat that can be positioned in various ways for maximum comfort.

The other seats are also very plush and are no less than the best seat that you can ever imagine on a bus. All the seats are wrapped beautifully in white leather, which adds a pristine look to the vehicle. In the main cabin, there is a large LCD screen positioned in the front.

The curtains are solid so that they don’t move around when the bus takes turns. Also, the flooring is all wooden, which is a first that you will see on a bus, especially in India. The ceiling also catches the eye. The team at Reddy Customs has done a brilliant job of making the roof lighting look like jewels. The roof lightings look like a piece of art and are made up of LED lamps.

The second cabin gets seating space for 6 and all the seats are forward facing. The seats are designed to mimic the first-class cabin of luxury airlines and it gets dedicated pull-out tables where one can put their laptops or tablets to work on the move. To support the working environment, there is a multi-sim high-end internet device that allows the speed of up to 100 Mbps to allow the executives to work on the move.

What’s more? There are two TVs placed in the second cabin, which is synced with the TV of the main cabin. It is perfect for showing your progress charts or going through a presentation while you head towards the destination. All the individual seats get working USB chargers and points to juice up the laptops too. Moreover, there is a full conference system complete with a video camera too.

And if you want to freshen up before entering the important meeting, there is a fully-functional washroom complete with huge bathroom in the rear of the bus. It makes use of the dry toilet system and the whole area is finished in white. There’s also a working pantry that can relax the hunger pangs on the way.

The total cost? Well, it will be a fraction of a private jet and you can contact Reddy Customs directly to get all the details that you need. Anything that you want to add or remove from the set-up can be done easily too. Reddy Customs can be contacted through the following numbers and email:, [email protected], 9225668444, 9764073666.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.