Coronavirus is going to stay with us for long. All of us are now aware that this virus isn’t going away in the coming months. Considering the falling economic condition of the country, the authorities have eased the lockdown and Coronavirus commute is what majority of us now need to do.

Public transport is available in certain areas but people are still preferring to travel by their own conveyance. Travelling by your car in these pandemic times requires some crucial precautions that you should take. Here are the Coronavirus travel essentials that you must carry along!

  1. Hand Sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer is a must-have! People are seen extensively using hand sanitizers these days. Most of us also have it inside our cars as well. Make sure that your bottle of sanitizer is kept away from the sunlight. Also, make sure your sanitizer is sealed properly and doesn’t leak on the car’s surface. As hand sanitizers contain alcohol as the majority contributor, it is prone to catch fire when exposed to the sun. Make sure your sanitizer rests at a safe place away from the sunlight.

  2. Surface Disinfectant

    Car Sanitizer | Must have things during coronavirus commute
    Car Disinfectant

    Starting our list of the must-have things during Coronavirus commute with the car sanitizer spray. All of us know that this virus is dangerous and has taken many lives till now therefore, it is important to take precautions at each step! Before you get in the car, make sure you sanitize the door handles. When you get inside the car, you should sanitize other hotspots like the steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake and the dashboard.

  3. Plastic Seat Covers

    Seat Plastic Covers | Coronavirus Travel essentials
    Plastic Seat Covers

    The best practice is to travel alone these days. But in case, a friend needs help, do not step back! You should be extremely precautions these days but at the same time, help those in need. Avoid carpooling with many people but in case someone has got no other choice, you should be prepared with a plastic wrap for your car’s seat. Let them in but don’t let the safety out. Before they get in, cover your car’s seat with a plastic wrap and remove this wrap as soon as the person gets off. Remember to dump it in a safe place!

  4. Face Mask


    Face masks are highly recommended in today’s world as we all know. But if you are travelling with someone, using a face mask can be a life saviour! This is because, considering the weather, your car will have the AC on and therefore, will be a closed cabin. The face mask will make sure that you breathe clean air free from any bacteria or virus.

  5. Disposable Nitrile Gloves


    Continuing our list of Coronavirus travel essentials, the disposable Nitrile gloves also play a major role in maintaining a safe environment. Make sure that you are not in direct contact even with your own car. Don’t touch any surface bare-handedly. Make sure you dispose of these gloves after every trip. Just ensure you dump them at a safe and proper place where they don’t prove to be a threat for other people!

  6. HEPA HVAC (Cabin Filter)

    Cabin Filter | Coronavirus Travel Essentials
    Cabin Filter

    Just to make sure, the air inside your car remains clean, you should keep a check on your car’s cabin filter. You should get this filter replaced in time to make sure there is no mould/bacteria buildup on this filter and it doesn’t reach you through your AC’s vents. You can anytime visit us for the replacement of your car’s cabin filter. Don’t worry, we have taken every possible measure for you and your car’s safety!

  7. Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier
    Car Air Purifier

    A car air purifier is a must-have considering today’s scenario. All you need is clean air inside your car and this small machine can do wonders to provide you with that! The car air purifier is not only coronavirus travel essential but can be with you in the long run too!

Before you take your car out on the roads, make sure it is in fit condition. Remember, the lockdown has possibly caused many bad effects on your car.

Written By – Vishal Khanna, Source – gomechanic.