Bus Information System which made by Engineering Students, inaugurated at Adoor Bus Station

Speaking Sreesanth G, team leader of the students…

“We found a common issue of the KSRTC buses is- a traveler didn’t know the exact bus timing. We took the opinions of few frequent KSRTC passengers; they said ‘There is no way to find the exact timing of KSRTC Buses. Most of the passengers usually dial the nearby KSRTC bus stations for getting the information about the bus timings and almost all time we received a negative feedback from them.’ Such a worse situation existing time, it’s needed to implement something innovative that can recover the existing outages.










Our Project bus information system is principally purposed to display the exact timing of the running KSRTC busses through the Monitor along with a user friendly keypad, which gives the exact timing of running buses. The keypad that placed beneath the monitor gives the filtered results of the running buses, for an instance- if the passenger needed the information of KSRTC buses that connecting to kottayam from Adoor at 10.00 HRS, he can get that information by clicking the alphabet “A” for Adoor (the starting point) and “K” for Kottayam (the destination). If he did so, the monitor will display all the running buses information that travelling from Adoor to Kottayam. So, this feature potentially helps the travelers for avoiding the hassles that were caused because of the bus timings. Through this project, we hope to find a permanent solution for the Ignorance bus timings.

Group Members : Sreesanth G, Vibhudev , Jibin Johnson , Harikrishnan