What is the best car to buy in India for a four-membered middle class family?

The most important things while you make a purchase of a car is:

  • mileage that is how many Km / miles the car can run for one liter of petrol
  • availability of service / service center
  • availability of spare parts and warranty of spare parts
  • how many free services the company will provide
  • choosing either a car run by diesel or petrol depending on your personal usage. However diesel is cheaper but the maintenance cost is higher
  • track record of the company and the model as well and the number of reviews
  • test drive for a smooth driving
  • additional features / accessories like CD provision, AC, FM radio etc

However, We suggest you to go for either Maruti Alto which is the best suited for Indian roads. Or you can even choose one from Chevrolet. And you can even go for Nissan micra which is good though a bit costlier compared to the other two.

We think buying a small car is good idea in the prospect of the affordable price of the cars, increasing the fuel price and also increasing the traffic jam.