Bajaj has been the pioneer of last mile city transport. It’s auto rickshaw is an Indian icon recognized around the world. With the urban landscape changing in last few years, Bajaj has once again pioneered the transformation in the way modern India will move by introducing Qute- a smart move for solving the urban problems.

Qute is a four-wheeler, yet not a car. It comes under a whole new category — the quadricycle. It is a new-age vehicle that carries the attributes of a three-wheeler as well as those of a car. It is compact, lightweight, and has a carbon footprint that is 37% lesser than the smallest car available. Like a car, it is spacious and has an enclosed body structure, giving the driver and passengers a comfortable and safe ride. Also, it has adequate space for luggage and runs at optimum restricted city speed, which provides safety for all.

Bajaj Qute, initially called the RE60, meets the European Standards and Guidelines of Quadricycle for quality and design. Its high-end technology equips it to run at a restricted speed of 70kmph, while utilising fuel as little as 1 litre for 36 km.

The price for Qute would be cheaper than the smallest four-wheeler and higher than the in-city three wheeled auto-rickshaws in India.

Besides meeting all the standard safety test requirements, Qute has undergone aggressive testing that enables it to overcome urban traffic challenges without forgoing passenger safety.

When it comes to safety, Qute is as protective about its surroundings as it is of its passengers. It is cleverly designed to minimize the extent of damage caused to property, pedestrians and other commuters.

In this day and age when rapid urbanisation has led to excess congestion on city roads, Bajaj Qute is indeed a smart move: it makes city travel safer, smarter and more economical.

SOURCEBajaj auto