Welcome to Ambanad Hills, nature lovers’ `Mini Munnar….

Ambanad, the eastern hillside area of Kollam district, becomes a favourite spot of tourists and nature lovers. The visitors can enjoy the natural beauty here, though there aren’t any artificial tourism projects.

This litter-free area is a tourists’ favourite because of many reasons. Ambanad, which is located 300 metres above sea level, resembles Munnar, which is why people call it ‘Mini Munnar’.

To reach Ambanad estates, take the Punalur-Tamil Nadu inter-state highway and turn left from Kazhuthurutty and move 10 km forward. The rubber plantations and the deadly slopes and bends reminds us of Munnar.

The hills are rich with a wide variety of flowers and trees. The beautifully groomed tea gardens in the top area is another attraction. The next part of the hillside is home to coffee gardens.


Then comes orange, cocoa and cloves plantations. The tourists can enjoy the sight and with permission, can pick the fruits and take pictures as well. Many guava trees and medicinal herbs also are found here.

In between the plantations and gardens, there are streams and small water falls offering a tempting fresh water bath. Once the visitors are done viewing the sky-high mountains, trees and valleys, there is a tea factory that gives them a chance to see the processes from picking the tea leaves to turning the leaves into powder.

By 4 o’clock in the evening, the valley will be covered with mist. The sight of mist-clad hill range in the dawn and dusk is a visual treat for the tourists.