Motorhomes and expedition vehicles are not very popular in India. There are only a few who have customised their vehicles to make them ready for a long-distance expedition. While most such people prefer using vehicles like Isuzu D-Max V-Cross to establish similar set-ups, here is a Toyota Innova, which has been modified completely and has been converted into an apartment, full with a bedroom, toilet and a kitchen! Here are the details.

The vehicle belongs to “Travel with Abdukka”, who is from Kerala and hotel business in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. He has modified the Toyota Innova and has converted it into an apartment on wheels. Since the person travels a lot, he has done this transformation job to stay safe during the pandemic.

Even with the addition of so many things, this Innova remains a five-seater vehicle and can accommodate five adults without any problem. Now coming to the modifications, there are quite a lot of them. To start with, the owner shows the rear of the vehicle and all the modifications are safety stacked inside diamond-stitched fabric.

He first pulls out a rack that has a gas stove on it and there are drawers underneath to keep things. On the side, you can slide out a wash-basin with running water. There are more such drawers that can be used to store various objects. There is also a cutting board that can be pulled out and it serves as a dining table too. There is two water storage of 40-litre and there is a compressor pump that builds the pressure for water flow.

There is a dry toilet that is placed in the rear of the vehicle. It can be used inside the vehicle or can be taken out to place it inside a tent. The vehicle has been modified to fold down the rear seats and convert them into a double-size bed. Also, there is an invertor that is used to power small fans or charge devices. It converts DC to AC.

The vehicle was made in just 15 days but the money spent on the transformation job is not known. He has already tested the vehicle out in various places and has driven around a lot. However, in the future, he plans to travel with the family too. He plans to do all Kerala trip first and then wants to go for an all-India road trip. It will be quite an extreme trip, we believe and it will be an interesting set-up.

There are a few more such modified vehicles that have been transformed and made into such motorhomes around India. However, this is the first time that someone has done the same to a Toyota Innova.

Written by – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.