Volvo I-Shift is a 12-speed manual gearbox with an automated gear changing system. Volvo I-Shift is designed for tourist, intercity, regional and route buses – offering high driving and ride comfort and excellent fuel economy. An optimised Volvo I-Shift system is also under development for Volvo’s hybrid buses.

Volvo I-Shift is a fast-acting gear changing system with brief interruptions in torque and a wide ratio span, resulting in ample resources for high average speeds. The gear lever is integrated into the driver’s seat and gear-changes are entirely automatic. The starting gear is selected automatically according to the road’s gradient and vehicle load.

Volvo I-Shift is available with a choice of several different gear-shifting programs, including a function that allows a choice between fully automatic gear changes and manual gear selection featuring a performance program with kick down function that utilises the engine’s capacity to the greatest. No clutch pedal is needed as the gear changing software senses the need for gear change in order to remain optimum performance.

The gearbox is compact and lightweight. Long oil-change intervals mean low operating costs and less environmental imprint impact. If special oil is used, oil and filter changes can take place as far apart as once every 400,000 km or every three years.