TTE questions cops travelling in Jan Shatabdi with general tickets; attacked

A Train Ticket Examiner in Jan Shatabdi Express was attacked by two policemen who questioned the officers travelling with a general ticket on Thursday morning. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) took the two Civil Police Officers (CPO) into custody.

The incident took place in the Thiruvananthapuram-Kannur Jan Shatabdi Express on Thursday morning. The two CPOs entered the train with two accused from Thrissur station. They did not have a reservation ticket and only had two reservation tickets.

When TTE Satyendra Kumar Meena asked them for the ticket, they showed him the general tickets. The TTE informed the policemen that they cannot travel in a Jan Shatabdi train using general tickets. The TTE also warned that the officers will be fined for travelling without a valid ticket.

On hearing this, the policemen attacked the TTE, other passengers said. The TTE fell unconscious and the passengers surrounded the police officers. When the train reached Ernakulam Town (Ernakulam North) station, they handed over the policemen two the RPF.

Travelling Ticket Examiner, TTE ensure that seats are rightly allotted to passengers with reservations, and fine ticket-less travelers in the train. They are posted on the running trains. They are always in uniform and have the reservation charts with them. They too have to carry a badge and Id Card with them on duty.

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