Top 10 Countries to Visit While You’re Young

Most people wish they travelled more and spend less time at work while still young. This happens after realizing that the only perfect time to pack your backpack and tour the world is when we are teenagers, or in our 20’s. At this age, we are full of energy, without kids or family responsibilities and own the time. For students who are engaged in other activities, it is recommended you to read how expert freelancers can help you during vacation, as you explore what the world has to offer. Here are ten countries with the best holiday destinations for young people, ranging from natural wonderlands and sceneries to fantastic party spots.


Italy, one of the finest countries in Europe, has all you need for the ultimate experience during your vacation – from art, culture and friendly people to beautiful mountains, beaches, best foods, and drinks. As well, you can easily visit several Italian cities in a matter of days. While the local community, rooted in its overwhelming sense of culture, only wants you to eat their good food and drink some Chianti, your love and admiration for this country will grow with every place you visit.


Netherlands is the place to be; starting with its capital, Amsterdam a city known for its drug culture and legal prostitution. As one of best places to vacation, the town has many aesthetic offerings such as unique canals and quaint brick roads. Netherlands is home to famous museums like the Rijks Museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Van Gogh Museum. It is such an incredibly charming place to be. Here’s a Canal in Amsterdam City, Netherlands.


Go to visit India and enjoy its geographical, ethnic, and linguistic diversity that spans from the Himalaya Mountains to the tropics. The country presents some of the best places for couples to travel such as Chaotic Old Delhi, Andaman Islands, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, and Arunachal Pradesh. Though India has seen a great economic and technological revolution, it remains a place where waterfront rituals such as outdoor wood-fired cremations will never cease to amaze you.


A country that once visited gets into your heart and memories won’t go. Being Central America’s largest nation, Nicaragua boasts of picture-perfect beaches and gorgeous colonial cities It is only in Nicaragua that you will enjoy epic surfing trips, sloth-spotting in the dense rainforests, remote eco retreats and adventurous excursions to different volcanoes. On the other hand, the locals are overwhelmingly welcoming, kind and hospitable. Here’s a view of beautiful scenery in Nicaragua


The Land of Smiles and impossibly cheap adventure. Being one of the few countries that have never been governed by an outside power, Thailand encourages mass tourism in its beaches on Koh Samui Island and Krabi coastlines, cool mountain terrains in Chiang Mai and the famous Bangkok City, where you will find some of the greatest foods in the world. This is the place to rediscover the world’s wholesomeness while still young.


Mexico offers the best to young people who enjoy summer beach parties. Being a beautiful, diverse and culture-rich country, Mexico is a must-visit country while in your 20’s. With its proximity to the United States, the country is proud to have both European and indigenous cultures. There are many lovely landscapes including deep canyons, highest American peaks, and raging waterfalls. While in Mexico, view the largest pyramids and take regional cuisines any time you wish. A view of one of the best Mexico Beach results.


Visit Paris, the country’s capital, and you will miss France for the rest of your life (you’ve probably heard people mention “Midnight in Paris”). The French are really creative and make the most out of their time; it’s always inspiring to be among them. Some of the places to go include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, French Riviera and Lyon (the culinary capital).From there, head to wine country in Burgundy, Rhône, Bordeaux, Champagne and beyond


Canada, the world’s second-largest country has some of the best places to travel. Whether inspired by music from today’s top superstars or driven by the passion for wilderness, this is the place to be. The country prides itself of bio-diverse lands and ocean waters, which provide great vacation places. Trailing along the Rocky Mountains, navigating the Great Bear rainforests and enjoying horseback camping excursions are some of the few things to do in Canada.


Referred to as the “pearl of Africa” Uganda is a small but incredibly diverse country in Eastern Africa. The nation remains one of the most affordable places to visit yet largely underexplored destination. In Uganda, you will enjoy seeing traditional African village cultures, hot springs, snowy mountain peaks, and beautiful creatures including crocodiles along the Nile, iconic mountain gorillas, and three-horned chameleons. Neighboring are good vacation spots in Kenya and Tanzania, countries dubbed as the beacon of hope in Sub-Sahara Africa. A scenic view of River Nile through a Ugandan park.

10. Israel

Israel is home to the world’s holiest destinations and religious cultures such as Jewish. With the country’s Law of return and birthright privileges, many young people are eligible for cheap trips to Israel. Some places of interest include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and the Dead Sea. Israel is known to offer some of the best pilgrimages and spring break vacations.