Italy is quite popular among Mediterranean cruise lines since the entire country is colorful and has a lot to offer if you are a tourist. Just visit this site to see some of the available options. You can find so many interesting yacht charter destinations that you are simply going to love. However, there is a clear lack of information about most of them since people tend to just go on a pre-set itinerary. With this in mind, here are some yacht charter destinations in Italy that you should know more about.

La Spezia

La Spezia opens the doors to the Cinque Ports of Italy, being a great alternative to Livorno when planning trips to Pisa and Florence. Cinque Ports are 5 fishing villages that are known due to their narrow, tall houses that line the cliffs right down the sea. If you take the train from La Spezia you can quickly reach Riomaggiore, another great travel destination. While La Spezia is quite interesting since it features numerous fine arts museums and a ruined castle, if you want a sandy beach experience, a bus can be taken to Lerici.


This quite unknown port is actually a pretty busy ferry port. Its popularity quickly grew because it opens the gates to Urbino, which is a UNESCO-listed city. Once there, you can enjoy Renaissance architecture, which should not be a surprise since this is where Raphael was born. You can visit his birth house and see the incredible Palazzo Ducale with a renowned art collection. There are even some unique artworks by artists like Federico Barocci.


The Riviera port was built right around a harbor that is really picturesque and features a castle on a small island. Numerous pastel-painted buildings are present, with plenty of great cafes and shops, all in the old town area. Those interested in swimming can choose out of many different small beaches. You can go up to Montallegro or just grab a scenic boat or ferry to reach others of the Cinque Ports towns.


One of the most attractive parts of Civitavecchia is the long sandy beach there but you can also visit a beautiful archaeological museum, many bars and cafes. This is the country’s Rome gateway, featuring a well-established rail service that quickly gets you to the capital. If you visit Rome, be sure that you go to Trevi Fountain and the Coliseum, as these are simply must-see attractions.


Last but not least, Naples is a tremendous yacht charter destination that offers culture and history, all perfectly complemented by fun and food. The very first pizzeria in the world was opened here in the year 1830 so do be sure you schedule some time for fine dining.

If you have time, take the train to Pompeii to see the ruins and Mount Vesuvius. You can also just stay on the train and visit Santorini. Pompeii is simply wonderful but Naples is usually more than enough for most people that want to spend a week surrounded by great experiences.