A taxi car in Edappally hit a passenger and carried him on its bonnet for half a kilometre. Nishanth, a native of Edappally, was severely injured in his leg in the incident, which took place at Marottichuvadu junction in Edappally.

Nishanth was first hit by the taxi car and he questioned the driver about his careless action. Amidst the spat, the taxi hit him again and rode off with him lying on the bonnet. Mathrubhumi News accessed the visuals of the incident.

Usually, the hit and run cases in the country, can be booked under two categories: Section 279 or 304(A) of Indian Penal code and also under 134A and 134B of Indian Motor Vehicle (IMV) Act.

Taxi Hits Passenger, Carries Him On Car’s Bonnet – CCTV Visuals Out

News – Mathrubhumi.

Cases of rash driving or driving on footpaths can be booked under section 279 of IPC. If proven guilty, the accused will face a minimum of six years of imprisonment or/and pay hefty fines. However the accused can get bail.

Death caused by a negligent act can be booked under section 304(A) of IPC. Punishment includes minimum of two years of imprisonment and/or paying of fines. In such cases also, the accused is eligible to get bail.

An accident, severely injuring the victim, thus endangering his life or a rash act coming in the way of personal safety of others, can be booked under section 338 of IPC. The accused will face a minimum of two years of imprisonment along with fine; he is again eligible to get bail.

Under Sections 134(A) and (B) of the IMV Act, the accused can get punishment, varying from three months to three years, and he is liable to pay compensation to the victims.