Rosemala : A valley that unfolds like rose petals

From the firmament it appeared like the unfurling petals of a rose. Amidst the petals, rests a valley in the Shenduruney forest. The little green patches of land, spilled across the river, with its bewitching aura seem to have come down from a fairy tale. Welcome to Rosemala, a valley that abounds in the bounty of nature. The shape of the land akin to that of a rose flower might be the reason behind the name of this valley. There is also the view that the name came from Roslin, the wife of a British planter who established the estate here.

The public transport of Kerala- Kerala State Transport Corporation’s(KSRTC) Aryankavu depot operates an SWB bus to Rosemala.The bus faces many challenges such as four narrow hairpins,hardrock, heavy slopes and muddy nature of the road to reach Rosemala from Aryankavu and return journey.


Located about 15 km deep into the forest from Aryankavu, Rosemala is one of the less explored eco tourism spots in Kerala. The forest road leading to Rosemala is steep and winding. You can enjoy the tranquility of several mountain streams on your path through the thick forest tracts.

KSRTC Buses are mostly available to here from Aryankavu . CLICK HERE to know the Bus Timings.

Photos : Roshan