Rape is a capital offence in India. So what should we do with Rapists of Urban Transit in Kochi?

The Government of India, as part of improving urban transit, reduce congestion on roads from private vehicles, improve quality of urban mobility and ensuring a strong lifeline of city’s growth; started JNNURM Buses. Kochi got 53 AC buses for operating and develop Urban transit corridors for sound urban mobility.

However, the current state of these buses resembles to gang raped victims. 10 buses are parked in Garages in most horrible way, due to failure of AC and Engines. The buses were managed like typical Anavandis of KSRTC, making these sophisticated machines to crumble down. The state of these buses were so horrible, that Volvo service centers refused to service under terms of warranty.

Out of remaining 43 buses, only 37 buses are operating in city, with average of 20 buses on streets on daily basis, operating without any sense of time integrity, non-peak routes etc, resulting in mega loss along with worst handling practices, reducing overall performance of the buses along with mounting expenses for maintenance.

Even KSRTC officials acknowledge in private, that they have no expertise in handling these sophisticated machines.

Why should we let our quality transport, be raped so openly on streets? Voice against this and demand for handing over the buses to a professional body with experts at helm of affairs.