Poor man writes CV by hand as he didn’t have money to print

In today’s new-age world of technology, uploading a CV on a job-seeking portal or printing multiple copies of one’s resume might not be a big deal, right? Well, it was certainly not the same for 21-year-old Carlos Duarte from Argentina, who had to submit a hand-written CV recently at a cafe, as he had no money to print one.

The unemployed youth from Cordoba was determined to get a work despite all odds. According to CNN Espanol, he had to even borrow some money from his grandmother for his job search to go around various places in the town to find about vacancies.

During his search, he arrived at a local coffee and chocolate shop and waited patiently to talk to someone to inquire about the job. It was then Eugenia Lopez, the staff at the shop, who replied that they weren’t looking for anyone at the moment but if he was interested he could leave his resume behind.

“He explained he couldn’t afford the minor expense of printing his resume so she had an idea: scribble it on a piece of paper,” a Daily Mail report said. Impressed by his neatly written CV using two pens, Lopez was moved and shared it on her Instagram and Facebook account — which quickly went viral.

Listing out his qualifications and experiences, Duarte scribbled all the necessary information and put his contact number. Lastly, in black, thanked her for accepting the CV and apologised for the unpresentable sheet.

With over 10,000 shares on Facebook alone, the post really got the attention of many employers and he has been flooded with job offers. Finally, after a few interviews, he secured a job and is working in a glass company, the CNN report added.