Police warn against ‘Nillu Nillu challenge’ in social media

Following the deadly online games and dangerous Kiki challenge, youth in Kerala have vowed to take another harmful challenge. The challenge is called ‘Nillu Nillu challenge’ which is popular in Tik Tok application. As it became popular, police have warned youth against taking up the challenge.

As per the challenge, a group of youth jumps in front of moving vehicles and dances to the tune of the song ‘Nillu Nillu Nee Ente Neela Kuyile’. All these will be recorded in Tik Tok app which creates small videos like dubsmash.

The videos of ‘Nillu Nillu challenge’ have gone viral on social media and more people are coming forward to take up the challenge. But the challenge is becoming more dangerous as even school students are taking up the challenge.

Considering the seriousness of the issue, police have decided to take action against sharing such dangerous challenges. The Kerala Police warned youngsters to look before they leap and have issued a warning regarding this in their official Facebook page.

Police have shared a troll video along with the post which warns action against it. In the video, youth are seen blocking a KSRTC bus and dancing to the tune of the song ‘Nillu Nillu Nee Ente Neela Kuyile’ from the Malayalam movie ‘Rain Rain Come Again’. They also carry leaves in their hands and some of them were seen wearing helmet.

“Even KSRTC buses and police jeeps are not excluded from the challenge. While jumping in front of the vehicle, these youngsters are not bothered about the consequences if the brake fails or driver loses control,” wrote the police on Facebook.

News – Mathrubhumi.