Passengers want US President Trump’s help to make trains stop in India

Imagine Donald Trump reviewing his to-do list in the Oval Office on a wintry night in Washington: California wildfire briefing? 10 am. Press conference? Move it to next week. Getting trains to stop at that station near Delhi?

“We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna make the best trains stop there. The best. The people there are wonderful. Just wonderful.”

All right, all right, that’s enough. Stop imagining. But this much is true: A passengers’ association in India has written to the President of the United States. Why? They want a train (Chetak Express, numbers 12981 and 12982) to stop at the Palam railway station on the Rewari route near Delhi. Oh dear.

They say lakhs will benefit. So a representative of the association tweeted to Trump. Check this out. It’s in Hindi. (Hey, we know that Trump knows, “Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar.”).

But hold on, you say. Why didn’t they seek help in India?

Well, they say they did. They say they’ve written to the railways minister, the chief minister, and even the prime minister — but they haven’t received a single response. No one could Make the Passengers Happy Again.

What next, a letter to the UN Secretary General about tardy buses or open sewers? You never really know, do you?