If you are looking to visit a place where you can explore cultural heritage, rich history, some of the world’s most attractive sceneries and other amazing adventures, your next destination should be Europe. This part of the globe boasts one of the continent’s most excellent transport systems, which makes it easy to access her beautiful cities. Europe also happens to have some of the fastest and advanced trains; the high-speed rail networks connect the continent’s major cities, making it possible for tourists to travel and sightsee with ease. You should travel to Europe and board a train to discover the largest rail network in the world.

Unlike your conventional train experience that is characterised by overcrowding and puffy smells, the Venice Simplon Orient Express will transform your opinion about trains. People opt for trips on this train because they are relaxing, soothing, and convenient for enjoying the appealing views of the countryside. If you take train tours in Europe, you will witness some of the world’s most romantic cities, such as Paris, London, Milan and Venice. You can also enjoy meals and drinks in the beautiful, cosy and highly advanced trains. Among the best and fastest trains in Europe is the Venice Simplon Orient Express.

You will, most likely, never forget the first time you lay your eyes on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. However, you have to be in Europe, particularly in London for you to get a glimpse of its historical carriages that are blue and gold in colour; you will simply live to talk about it. This train’s carriages will take you to an older time when everything was classic and quite congenial. The Simplon Orient Express is so 1920S and yet very modern in terms of speed, comfort and entertainment. A journey in this one of a kind train is memorable and more fascinating than any other.



Previously, the train only travelled from London to Venice via Paris and vice versa. Now, you can travel to more thrilling cities of Budapest, Berlin, Prague and Vienna from Venice. Annually, the Simplon Orient Express recreates the original journey of 1883. You are afforded a romantic six-day getaway and arrive in Istanbul with an invaluable romantic experience. Moreover, different journey arrangements can be made onboard this marvellous train, allowing you to enjoy a full holiday that includes tours to beautiful European cities, including Istanbul and the newly added Berlin.


If you want to experience some vintage time while travelling, this train will fulfil your wishes. This locomotive pulls the 1920-1930s carriages that are so well maintained to keep the original appearance and colours. The Arc Deco Movement designed the carriages with superb veneer panels; the size is relatively small but very comfortable.


If you wish to travel in private compartments, you will receive attentive and discrete services from competent stewards throughout the trip. Moreover, these compartments are equipped with their own washbasin cabinets that provide both cold and hot water. Furthermore, these compartments can be transformed into very comfortable bedrooms at night. All this will be done by your steward while you are out having dinner or at the Bar Car enjoying your favourite drinks. These cabins also come equipped with crisp linen and soft towels. There are also cabin suites that can be interconnected to add to your comfort.


After you board this spectacular train, a steward will be assigned to take you to your private cabin, which is professionally decorated with brass, and wood. Your steward will also teach you how everything works inside your compartment and how to reach to him for assistance if need be. In your compartment, you will have accesses to a window through which you can look at the beautiful countryside and cities as they glide by. You can also leave your door open to enjoy the beautiful scenery from both sides of the train and also enjoy talking to other passengers onboard. Just before dinner, you will be served with tea, pastries and cake by your steward. 

Service Cars

You can dress up for dinner in the best way you feel comfortable and head out to the Bar Car, experience its inviting atmosphere while enjoying its renowned cocktails, including the guilt 12, which is made up of 12 secret ingredients. The barman, Walter, makes this drink as inspired by the movie, Murder on The Orient Express. A visit to the Bar Car will have you experience its true intimacy and style in the same way other passengers, including celebrities like Alan Whicker and Gregory Peck, enjoyed drinks while interacting with other computers.

Deco Restaurants Cars

This unique train has 3 magnificent deco restaurants, which were restored from the 1920s. The three restaurants are; Etoile du Nord restored to its beautiful marquetry, L’Oriental that is adorned with black lacquer and the Cote d’Azur, which features stunning Calque glass panels. All these restaurants are equipped with controlled lighting that can be tuned to enhance the mood, while French silverware, good linen and crystal glassware summon you to get ready for a meal you shall never forget. The attention paid to detail in these three restaurants will take your breath away; everything is set to perfection, creating a fascinating experience that dwells in your head.

Onboard Meals

Meals on board are simply delightful and unforgettable. With the finest fresh supplies, all kinds of meals are prepared by experienced French chefs. They are then served by attentive Italian waiters in any of the three uniquely designed restaurants. However, breakfast and afternoon tea are served in your compartment by your steward.


The Simplon Orient Express has undergone little alterations; the carriages are still the original 1920s- 1930s with little reconstructions. These carriages are well maintained to keep the vintage look. The carriages are not fitted with air conditioners, but word has it that they will soon have that feature. They were built in an era that viewed sleeping on board trains as a luxury. The size of the cabins has not been adjusted at all. Additionally, these compartments are not fitted with private facilities except for a wash-basin; consequently, there are no laundry facilities on the train.

You can enjoy the full luxury of the well maintained authentic period carriages combined with extraordinary quality services while you witness the ever changing scenery in Europe’s beautiful cities. This can be achieved on board the Simplon Orient Express (SOE). You can also board this train and enjoy a sumptuous meal or board it as a reminder of the classic time when travelling was just that. You are also invited to take a ride and experience the artistic and historical view inside the Venice Simplon Orient Express.

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