The brand and trademark battle between Karnataka and Kerala over their state transport services is only getting murkier. Contrary to Kerala government’s claim last week that the brand name KSRTC is likely to be awarded to Kerala by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) on Thursday clarified that there is neither any change nor any confusion over the trademark ownership.
Malayalam media on Wednesday quoted Kerala government as saying that it is likely to get back the brand name KSRTC for its fleet of buses from the Controller General in Chennai. Even though Karnataka had registered the trademark KSRTC in its name in December 2013, Kerala argued that existing laws favour its claim as it started its transport operations under the same brand back in 1965 while Karnataka began its operations only later in 1974. On the other hand, Karnataka transport department officials clarified that there is no change in the ownership of the trademark or brand.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, S Manohar, Chief Law Officer, KSRTC said, “Going by the established legal procedures, we had filed for the trademark ownership and it was awarded to us by the Controller General. Till date, we have not received any communication either from the Kerala or the Controller General over any objections being raised by Kerala.”

When asked about media reports in Kerala about the possible verdict, Manohar said, “If Kerala had objected, then the court should have issued us a notification to file reply. But till today, we have not heard anything from the Controller General’s office.”

BM had reported about the patent war in its edition dated 28 November 2014. Following the award of patent, Karnataka has issued notices to Kerala not to use KSRTC on its buses. Since then, both the corporations had locked horns over the trademark despite Karnataka legally accomplishing all procedures.

News: Bangalore Mirror