KSRTC buses have been found involved in many of the accidents reported in the state. Nearly 1,300 accidents involving KSRTC buses happened in the state in 2016.

According to the information obtained through RTI, a total of 1,224 accidents were caused by KSRTC buses till November 30, 2016. As many as 152 people have died in these accidents. That means 111 accidents happen every month, killing 14 people, on an average.

A total 1,379 accidents were reported in 2015 which claimed lives of 208 people. In 2015 people suffering major injuries numbered 519 while 2009 suffered minor injuries.

The information also states that it is the limited stop ordinary, fast passenger and super-fast buses of KSRTC that are mostly involved in accidents. While LS ordinary buses caused 551 accidents, fast Passengers caused 338 and Super Fast buses created 178 in 2015. KSRTC has not prepared the list of accidents as per type of vehicle for the year 2016.

As per the received information, 1,114 permanent drivers and 168 empanelled drivers of the corporation were involved in the accidents in 2016.

“Training for drivers and other essential measures like installation of speed governors in buses are taken by KSRTC to prevent accidents. Correctional Training is provided to drivers involved in accidents. And in case, a driver is proved responsible for an accident following an inquiry conducted by controlling inspectors; he may get the suspension. Many times it is noted that the KSRTC drivers are not responsible for the accidents, condition of road and driving style of drivers of another vehicle also matters,” said an official from Staff Training Centre of KSRTC in Thiruvananthapuram.

According to KSRTC executive director (operation) PM Sharaf Muhammed, the accident rates involving KSRTC buses has decreased considerably due to effective training programs being conducted for the staff.

“Apart from improving the revenue of the corporation, steps have been taken control the accidents rates also. Projects have been initiated to reduce the number of accidents involving KSRTC buses. Strict action is taken against drivers involved in accidents. Frequent refreshment training classes, theory as well as practical, are conducted for the drivers at Staff Training Centres,” said Sharaf Muhammed.