Kerala RTC Charges High Fare from Kasargod to Bangalore

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s Super Deluxe Air Bus which is operating from Kasargod to Bangalore is charging a high fare compared to the buses operating by Karnataka RTC in the same sector.

The Kerala RTC Super Deluxe Air bus which is heading to Bangalore via Mangalore is charging an amount of Rs. 622 + Reservation Charges Rs.30)

. Kerala RTC Karnataka RTC
Super Deluxe 622
Airavat Volvo AC . 640
Non AC Sleeper . 590
Rajahamsa . 553

At the same time, Karnataka RTC is operating three luxury buses from Kasargod to Mangalore and their Airavat Volvo AC bus running via Madikeri is charging just Rs. 640 and a Non AC Sleeper Bus which is running via Sullya, Madikeri is charging Rs. 590 and a Rajahamsa Executive bus going via Puttur, Hassan is charging Rs. 553.

There is a huge fare difference between these buses running in the Kasargod – Bangalore sector by both the corporations and people have started avoiding the Kerala RTC bus because of this huge fare difference.

Dear KSRTC officers, please open up your eyes and solve this fare difference as soon as earlier, so that the people will start considering our buses. If not, you may have to stop this service nearby in the future by telling that the service is loss making.