The Motor Vehicles Department on Sunday continued its inspection of transport buses, including KSRTC buses, in the district following directions issued in this regard by Transport Commissioner Rishiraj Singh. inspections were carried out in Kozhikode city, Vadakara and Koyilandy.

According to officials of the Motor Vehicles Department, as many as 75 buses in the district were inspected. Speed governors were defunct in 41 buses, including three KSRTC buses.

Fitness certificates of five buses in the city were cancelled as they were not in a state to be operated and posed risk to the public. The 35 buses in which speed governors were defunct have been issued notices and cases under the Motor Vehicle Act have been registered. The bus owners have been asked to bring the buses to the Motor Vehicles Department office the next day.

“Several private buses, both with long distance and city permits, had disconnected their speed governor. In some buses, there was no speed governor and did not have the fitness as prescribed by the department. The fitness certificate of these buses were cancelled while notices were issued to buses with tampered speed governors,” said Rajeev Puthalathu, RTO, Kozhikode.

According to MVD Officials, the private buses installed speed governors only during the fitness test. As per an official press release issued by Transport Commissioner Rishi Raj Singh, fitness certificate of 36 buses were cancelled in Vadakara after it was found that these vehicles were unfit for conducting services.

The Transport Commissioner stated that there was no move in the Motor Vehicles Department to stop any bus services. All types of services, whether they are ordinary or super fast will be given new timings.

Source: New Indian Express