The best bargain you can get for an AC travel between Trivandrum and Ernakulam is the Bangalore Multi-Axle VOLVO. (Train Rs. 300+, Low floor Rs.337) Plush push backs, dedicated AC vents, in house entertainment, is what you get extra for only Rs.281.

The ride was good in every way except the movie being played, Gangster. I couldn’t get a reservation and got into it from the nearest bus stop at 5:45 p.m. Luckily I got a seat. Contrary to popular opinion, the conductor was smart and polite.

However the bus moved at snail’s pace till Kollam (took 2.5 hrs ) but covered the rest 140kms in 2.5 hrs. At Kayankulam after the halt, the conductor ensured that all long distance passengers got blankets, though I doubt the no. is still 25.

The engine was a bit noisy at low RPM’s ,and no passenger except me was wearing seat belts provided by VOLVO. Plus, no sign of the water bottles. Putting these aside, I got down at Vyttila and realized that it was indeed the best mode of travel between the two cities.

By: Vivek Venugopal

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