Are the KSRTC employees very under paid?

“KSRTC employees are underpaid when compared to kseb&govt employees of the state. I am a retired checking inspector waited two years to get pension benefits, (Highcourt intervention was needed to get it) no DA admissable to other employees of the state.

We have to agitate to get the pension every month. 24 retired employees committed suicide & many are awaiting a premature death due to bad financial set up. Current employees are also resigning from ksrtc due to inferior salary & other perks.

KSRTC is the only public sector firm which gives so many freebies to the public (free travel to students,deaf &dumb,freedom fighters,cancer patients,&physically handicaped etc). Govt is reluctent in giving financial help to corporation but giving enough help to aided Schools & Colleges. Heared that many higher division officers of KSRTC have only SSLC .”

Written by – Jayan Nair, retired checking inspector of KSRTC