The driver and conductor of a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus won the hearts of their passengers by helping a sick passenger reach the hospital in time on Thursday.

On 23-09-2016 Friday they got a public appreciation at Changaramkulam / Edappal…




Photos – Sumesh & Shafeer Pallikkara

All passengers in the bus from Ernakulam to Kozhikode cooperated as the bus crew took the bus a few kilometres back to a hospital at Edappal. It all happened at the Edappal KSRTC depot when a 60-year-old passenger, Haridas from Neeleswaram, started screaming in pain in the bus.

The conductor came to the help of Mr. Haridas, and requested cooperation of other passengers.

They took the bus a few kilometres back to Edappal. Other vehicles gave way for the KSRTC bus as it cruised with the headlamps on.

In a few minutes, the bus reached a private hospital at Edappal. The conductor ran into the hospital and came back with a stretcher.

The hospital staff soon joined him to shift the patient to the hospital. Mr. Haridas was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Hospital staff said he survived the trauma. Delayed but relieved, the bus continued its journey towards Kozhikode.