KSRTC Bus Staff Go The Extra Mile, Save Life of Passenger Having Heart Attack!

Diverting from the call of duty and personal engagements, the manner in which the passengers and crew members of a Kerala State RTC bus, prioritised saving a life above everything else, will surely reinstate your faith in humanity.

As reported in Mathrubhumi, 68-year-old George Kutty was travelling from Adoor to Thiruvalla. Just as the bus crossed the town of Pandalam, he began to feel queasy. By the time he requested the bus conductor to take him to a hospital, he was sweating profusely, and his hands had become numb.

S Shyamala, the lady conductor of the bus, quickly informed A Jude, the bus driver, of Kutty’s condition as many of the other passengers told her that the man was clearly displaying the symptoms of a cardiac arrest.

Wasting no time, they diverted from the regular route and headed to the nearest hospital. Upon reaching the hospital compound, Kutty was taken inside in an autorickshaw, as the bus couldn’t enter the premises of the institution.

Proving that the diagnosis of the passengers was correct, it turned out that Kutty had indeed suffered a cardiac arrest, but the doctors stated that he was extremely fortunate to reach the hospital in time—thanks to Shyamala’s swift intervention and support of all the passengers in the bus.

In the meantime, one of the passengers had alerted Kutty’s family members about his condition. It was only after they reached the hospital, and confirmed that Kutty was in safe hands, did the KSRTC crew and co-passengers resume their journey.

Instances like these, where strangers go the extra mile to help someone in need, genuinely validate the existence of humanity in today’s world.

Written by Lekshmi Priya S