KSRTC is operating a Fast Passenger bus from Coimbatore to Guruvayoor and vice versa. People can make use of this bus to visit Guruvayoor temple.

The bus will take the route Palakkad, Ottapalam and Kunnamkulam to reach Guruvayoor.


Towards Coimbatore:

Departure from Guruvayur: 05.30
Arrival at Coimbatore: 09.30

Departure from Guruvayur: 15.30
Arrival at Guruvayoor: 19.30

Towards Guruvayur:

Departure from Coimbatore:  10.00 (Via Palakkad, Pattambi)
Arrival at Guruvayoor: 14.00

Departure from Coimbatore:  20.00 (Via PLKD, Ottapalam, Kunnamkulam)
Arrival at Guruvayur: 00.00 Hrs


The fare from Coimatore to Guruvayoor is Rs-80