Karnataka RTC makes masks for staff to help prevent spread of Covid-19

In a bid to offset the lack of supply of masks in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) is making reusable masks for its own staff.

An official said that the mechanics of the Chamarajanagar Division were the first to start the drive. The masks are being made in the company workshops after cloth was acquired locally.

Latha K, spokesperson for KSRTC, said, “The masks are stitched across divisions by our mechanics. These masks are washable. Since there is scarcity of masks in the market, this initiative was taken for our employees.”

Learning about this, KSRTC Managing Director Shivayogi C Kalasad appreciated the efforts and asked other divisions to also start this, she further said.

“The cost of each mask comes to about Rs 3 and so far we have made 500 masks,” she added.

Latha said that KSRTC has workshops with stitching machines to do upholstery work for bus seats, curtains in each division workshop. Staff have purchased only clothes from outside and stitched the masks. KSRTC has a total staff strength of 39,000.

Other preventive measures

This initiative comes on the back of KSRTC holding awareness programs and taking proactive measures for its staff and customers across bus depots in the state. In all major transit points, the KSRTC is screening passengers with the help of Health Department officials, states a press release.

KSRTC says, buses and bus stations are being sanitized to prevent the speed of the virus. Hand sanitizers are also being provided inside the buses. Along with respective district administrations, bus depots are being cleaned, says KSRTC.

Starting from Wednesday, KSRTC has also stopped giving blanket, bedspread and curtains in the buses as part of the mitigation exercise. Further in AC buses, temperature has been fixed to 24- 25 degree centigrade.

The movement of public at offices of KSRTC have also been restricted. Only matters of urgency are being addressed during a one-hour window.

Due to several cancellations, the bus corporation states it has lost revenues worth Rs 10.85 crore until Friday.

Written By – Soumya Chatterjee, Source – The News Minute.KSRTC makes masks for staff to help prevent spread of Covid-19