Karnataka RTC is all set to hike the bus fare to lessen its burden

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is likely to put forth its proposal, to hike bus fares to offset the burden imposed on them due to the spiraling diesel prices, before the state government.

According to a senior official of the corporation, “Diesel price has crossed over Rs 70 per liter. Every day, we spend around Rs 70 Lakh for the diesel. As a bulk buyer, the transport corporation gets a concession of Rs 2 per liter. Still, owing to the continuous increase in the price of all materials; it is difficult to maintain buses.”

“Moreover, the corporation has to pay revised salary, dearness allowance (DA) is increased by 26 percent. In total, there is a burden of around Rs 100 Crore. In future, the annual cost should be increased to Rs 370 Crore”, said an official of KSRTC.

Officials refused to give more details about the increase in travel fare. “This decision cannot be taken by us alone. Once the Minister for Transport takes charge, we will bring the issue to his notice. Last year, the corporation suffered Rs 177 Crore loss. To stop the current loss, immediate steps should be taken”, they said.

The KSRTC fare hike will be applicable to North-West and North-East Karnataka Transport Corporation and BMTC will submit a separate proposal to the government.

Source: NewsKarnataka