Is it possible for a student to travel on a tight budget?

That is a question that we’ve all asked at least once and it is more frequent among students. By the way, if you need to write about travelling or any other topic go to My homework done. Now, let’s continue. If your definition of travel is a synonym of luxuries or you pretend to be as comfortable as at home, there is nothing wrong with it, but in that case, you will spend more money in two weeks of travel than in six months at home. If instead, your definition of travel is to go out and visit every corner, you will save some money.

To travel low-cost there are some things needed like adaptability, empathy, lightness, openness, predisposition, and desire. Then, you have to change certain social parameters that we accept as “unique” or “correct” and understand that not everything is done for money; you will be surprised by the kindness of people who do things without expecting anything in return. As you can see, the first step to travel on a tight budget is a positive attitude. Once you have in mind the new and exciting experience that is about to come, you can follow these tips to save some money during your trip. Here is an extra tip for students: TermPaperEasy offers you academic services, you can also buy research papers.


Make a plan.

Maybe you were thinking about taking your backpack, take the first plane you could and then see what happens. Well, let me tell you that this is not the best option. You have to make a plan; it doesn’t need to be detailed or strict, just have to keep in mind the places you want to visit, how many days you will be in each place, and what will be your route. Considering this, you will reduce unexpected expenses.

Travel on shoulder season.

This could be quite difficult if you are a student, but during shoulder season everything is cheaper. There are many advantages if you don’t travel during vacation season, besides lower prices, like fewer people in tourist attraction or personalized attention.

Always carry your student card with you.

You have no idea of how much money you can save if you have your student card with you. Places like theme parks, museums, theatres, and restaurants have special rates for students; we are talking about discounts between 10% – 20%.

Buy your ticket in advance or consider other transportation.

After deciding the travel date, you can buy your ticket. Check on the airline website for offers, you will usually find it on shoulder season dates. Use flight search engines or consider low-cost airlines, these are very famous in Asia and you can find a ticket for less than $20. Another option is to travel by train or car, but only if it is inside the continent.

Consider alternative options.

If you think about travelling, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you have to book a hotel. It is ok, but it is not a rule. Here is a list of alternatives:

  • Look for a hostel: in this case, you will have to share a room but it is so much cheaper than a hotel. It is a cool option because you could meet very nice people.
  • Use internet platforms to look for lodging: you can try with Airbnb, on this website people offer their houses to guests for a low price. Besides, you can earn some credits and discounts.
  • Au pair: this is one of the most known options. It involves to live with a family host and take care of their children; you will receive lodging, you can learn and practice a new language and you can meet new places.
  • House sitting: it is a term that defined a series of services where people who want to travel but can’t leave the house alone for a long time, offer to a lucky traveller to keep an eye on the house (in a different city or country) without paying a penny.
  • Teach another language abroad: if your native language is English or you speak it fluently, this is a great option. Asian countries have a high demand for English teachers so you can find a job as an English tutor while you travel.

All these recommendations can be very useful, no matter the city or the country you are visiting. If you are a fan of Asian culture, here is a list of three low-cost destinations in this beautiful continent:

  1. Thailand

This Asian country has a unique culture and a very nice people. You can live with $25 per day including lodging and food. Its splendid beaches, delicious food, culture, and vibrant nights make Thailand one of the best countries for backpacking trips. And don’t worry about the aeroplane ticket, Thailand has five low-cost airlines that travel throughout the country.

2. India

It is another popular and friendly-budget destination. Compared with other destinations, here in India the lodging and food are cheaper. There are many backpacker hostels in most cities, which are perfect places to meet new people and make friends. If you travel to India you will not enjoy air conditioning or hot showers, but the culture, the authentic food, and the many monuments make the visit worthwhile. Many people avoid visiting India because they think it is a dangerous place but, in fact, it is a wonderful place and precaution is something that every traveller should have at any destination.

3. Indonesia

The last in this list is Indonesia. This country offers you crystal clear beaches, fantastic jungles and a unique culture to explore. In fact, many of the things that you can see or do here do not require money; you can take a walk along the beach, swim in the sea or discover the jungle, all for free. Besides, for a student is an excellent option since many universities that offer student exchange programs.

As you can see, you don’t need a lot of money to travel and meet new places. There are many unknown destinations like south Asian countries that have beautiful landscapes and are very cheap. The key is to have a plan in mind, a positive attitude and patience to find the best offers. Check the links in the article to find lodging and aeroplane tickets for a lower price.