How to hire a KSRTC (Kerala) bus for Marriage and other personal function?

We have been receiving plenty of queries regarding How to hire (rent) a KSRTC bus for marriage and other personal functions? No details regarding this are available on their official website yet. So, we have collected the details and giving it for your reference.

Renting out Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses for weddings, picnics and pilgrimages to private parties seems to have given some sort of a financial succor to the ailing State-owned company.

Buses are given on hire to the public for purposes such as marriages, excursions etc., on the basis of rates fixed to operate between two fixed points which is known as Casual Contract.

Terms & Conditions (For Normal Buses)

Slab 1: Rs.8000/- for 5 Hours or 100 Kms
Slab 2: Rs.10,000/- for 6 Hours or 150 Kms
Slab 3: Rs. 12,000/- for 8 Hours or 200 Kms
Slab 4: Rs. 15,000/- for Above 8 Hours & 200 Kms

GST is applicable.

The kilometers will be calculated from depot to depot.

For Low Floor Volvo Buses

For 4 Hours or 100 Kms – Rs. 10,000/-
For 6 Hours or 150 Kms – Rs. 15,000/-
For 8 Hours or 200 Kms – Rs. 18,000/-
Min charges for 200 Kms and above: Rs. 21,000/-

For more details, Contact your nearest depot.

Or Call: 9447071021

This is apart from the six per cent service tax levied for both AC and non-AC buses. For above 200 km, the KSRTC collects ₹100 per km for AC buses and ₹70 per km for non-AC buses and ₹40 per km for ordinary buses. Many people prefer AC low-floor buses for convenience and comfort. The KSRTC also provides a driver for private functions.

About KSRTC..

KSRTC, the fond name for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, connects the state well on road. As one of the oldest operated and managed public transports of India.

The history of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation began whilst the development of the transport industry it wasn’t booming enough like today. The Travancore State Transport Department (TSTD) was constituted by the erstwhile Travancore Government with a view to reorganize the transport service of the State.Mr E.G. Salter, Assistant, Operating Supdt of London Passenger Transport Board was appointed as Supdt on 20.9.1937.

The State Motor Service was inaugurated by His Highness Sree Chithirathirunal on 20.2.1938. His Highness and his kin were the first passengers of the inaugration trip and Mr. Salter was himself the driver to that bus. This bus along with the 33 other buses brought on road driving through the Kawdiar Square was seen to be a beautiful attraction.

60 comet chassis fitted with Perkins diesel Engines were imported from England and the staff had built the body under the supervision of Mr. Salter himself. The selection of operating staff remains as a model which has been followed by the present staff as well. Those who were likely to lose their jobs in the private sectors due to the nationalization of Thiruvanathapuram-Kanyakumari route were given preference for appointment in the new department. Nearly a hundred Bachelor degree holders were given appoinments as Inspectors and Conductors.

At the time of transfer there were only a countable number of bus schedules – 661 bus schedules and 36 lorry schedules. It possessed a fleet of 901 buses 51 lorries and 29 other vehicles. The new working of the corpoartion started with 30 new buses and 8 new lorries. 10 old buses and 7 old lorries and one tractor trailer were converted for other uses. Plant and machinery owned by Kerala State Road Transport Corporation is extended throughout all its workshops in the whole of Kerala .