Kerala RTC’s premium Garuda service has been attacked allegedly by the rival’s who operate in the Bangalore-Tvm sector.The bus has been attacked three times in the span of one month.This information was revealed by the crew of the bus on my journey from Bangalore to Tvm.

The most recent incident happened when the bus was on its journey from Tvm to Bangalore when miscreants threw pelted stones at the bus by following it on bikes. This resulted in the shattering of the wind screen. The return schedule was canceled and the bus was send for the replacing the damaged windscreen.

The bus in which i traveled (RA 100) was also it by the stones on a previous journey (between tssr and pattikad) and the glass on the left side near seat no 1 has been damaged and it is still not replaced. according to the crew of Garuda there is a growing tendency among the rival private players to target the service and cause inconvenience to the public as well as cause KSRTC huge extra liabilities.Apart from this many private players as well as Karnatakas Airavath crew hurl abuses in the middle of the road.

All these are clear indicators of how frustrated our rivals have become.Garuda is giving them stiff competition in the Tvm Sector and Ksrtc is planning to take some actions against the culprits. In all the previous incidents it was difficulty to trace the miscreants because they vanish in the bikes soon after pelting huge stones at the bus.What we as public can do is to send a petition to the MD bringing all this to his attention and the sad part is that these incidents do not get apt media attention.It is high time that some action needs to be taken against this heinous acts of crime.