Goa is synonymous with vacations, whether for families, couples, groups or individuals. Beaches and parties are what we know best about Goa. But for the adventurous traveller seeking new experiences, this is hardly enough. Luckily, Goa is not the one-dimensional tourist spot it is made out to be. There are a lot of things to do on a holiday that doesn’t involve spending every single minute on a beach. A traveller from Mumbai to Goa can look forward to the following adventures

Cave temples: There are several Buddhist and Hindu cave temples dotting the forests of Goa. The charming Lamgau, Rivona and Arvalem caves are among the most charming places to explore in Goa.

Wildlife sanctuaries: Goa is nestled within the warm tropical bosom of the Western Ghats, making it home to a vast variety of unique plants and animals. There are several sanctuaries and reserves to visit if one has a penchant for nature. The Cotigao wildlife reserve and the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary teeming with animals like Deer, Boars, Langurs, Flying Squirrels, Leopards, Civet cats, Lorises, and others. The Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary on the lush island of Chorao gives its visitors an untainted environment to observe rare birds in their natural habitat.

Crocodile-watching: Although it sounds like an extreme sport, this boat ride across the Cumbarjua canal is safe and lots of fun. Linking the Zuari and the Mandovi rivers, the Cumbarjua is home to several crocodiles in Goa. Cloistered by mangroves, this backwater cruise lets one observe crocodiles swimming playfully in the water or sunning themselves on the shores.

Unique water sports: In addition to your standard speedboats and surfing, some places in Goa allow tourists to indulge in more exciting activities. Kite-surfing is one of the newest trends in beach sports. For those who are nervous about trying it, there are training courses. If one prefers a more leisurely activity, there is always Sea-bed walking at Baina beach, which offers an unforgettable underwater experience. Kayaking down Goan rivers is also a fun option for some adventure.

Experiencing rural Goa: Rural Goa is far removed from the hustle and bustle of tourist life in Goa. Travel to the villages and experience the quaint houses, warm people and delicious home cooked cuisine.

Hopping from place to place is surely a great way to make the most out of your Goa trip. Instead of taking buses or trains, car rental services like Zoomcar can be considered. With a Mumbai to Goa taxi, one can complete an entire vacation without having to depend on anyone else for transport.