[highlight color=”yellow”]Complaint Posted By: Bineesh KS[/highlight]

It is very shame to say that there are only three buses from Ernakulam to Bangalore when private bus operators are running more than 50 buses per day. This clearly shows KSRTC’s lack of professionalism and commitment.

I wonder why the higher authorities or ministry is not taking this issue seriously when KSRTC is undergoing through serious crisis and they are not running sufficient buses in this profitable routes. Even Karnataka SRTC having around 5-6 buses from Ernakulam to Bangalore.

Because of the negligence from the part of KSRTC, we common men have to depend the private bus operators or Karnataka SRTC .

Even if they put normal Super Express bus, that will be sufficient. Only Thrissur and Palakkad depots are conducting services remarkably. Those who want to go southern districts have to reserve the ticket up to Thrissur and then catch another bus from there in early morning.