Imagine a world completely mute and silent. How difficult and different would it be to not able to converse with people, not getting the chance to listen to the beautiful ambient sound, not being able to know what’s happening around. Unimaginable right? Millions of people are born with hearing disabilities in the world among which India also has a huge set of people affected by it. Crore’s of children are born deaf or with some or the other kind of hearing disabilities in our country and yet, we find it difficult to identify them at the early stages. It’s disheartening that we get our kid’s tested for eyesight and other problems regularly, but fail to pay attention towards their hearing disabilities and problems concerned with it.

A cochlear implants acts as a saviour to the one’s affected with such disabilities. It’s nothing less than an artificial sense organ to them. Unlike the other electronic hearing aids which are difficult to be handled and should be removed and placed each time, the cochlear implant is surgically inserted into the affected Person’s cochlea. These implants have parts which include a receiver and electrodes. These receivers which are placed right under the skin take the coded electrical signals from the transmitter and actively delivers them to the electrodes placed in the cochlea.

These implants act the permanent solution to hearing loss. Once an implant is done, it stays for a lifetime, it is efficient in making one lead a life equivalent to a normal one as it helps to provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. The cochlear implant surgery which takes about three to four hours is getting a normal electronic hearing aid, but serves to be much more effective than them. These are permanently there with you and one can do any activity including swimming having them implanted.

The mission and vision of the cochlear India group is to acknowledge the people in India about the rate of hearing loss among its citizens. They provide the best opportunity to get access to such implants which can be life changing. With internationally recognised Global hearing ambassadors like cricketer Brett Lee, they try to illustrate the whole situation to people to bring awareness among them about the drastic difficulties of hearing disabilities. They provide interactions with the people who have used these implants to create a better understanding about the uses of it. Moreover their initiative have triggered an urge among people to see these kind of problems seriously rather than leaving them unattended.