Are you planning a trip to the French Riviera and you want to make it as special as possible? Obviously, there are many things that can be said about how this can become reality. Some, like when you rent a vacation home in French Riviera, are common-sense but there are many other tips that can be offered.

If you want your French Riviera vacation to be as perfect and as luxurious as possible, remember the following advice and plan accordingly.

Always Pack Light

Over-packing is quite common when people go to the French Riviera. This is normal since we are naturally thinking about all the great things that we can do. However, this is not something that you want to do since we are talking about a destination that is quite different than most of the world.

Keep in mind that most people will only wear/use around 20 percent of all that is carted around. When you want to hit seaside villages and different cities, you want to be sure that you pack light or toting the luggage around will be difficult. When you stay at the same location all the time, this is not a necessity but it still makes the entire experience easier. Just think about losing your baggage. The more baggage you have, the higher the possibility this will happen!

Just make sure you pack all essentials. This might include chargers, voltage adapters, travel cameras and just clothes you will need based on the activities you will want to be a part of.

Don’t Forget To Move Around

It is always so easy to end up spending a couple of weeks in just one French Riviera location. This is something that is really tempting because the experience is highly relaxing. However, why not do more and see absolutely everything that you can? This does not ruin the relaxation part of your journey.

Try to pick various locations that have easy access so you can visit surrounding sites and villages. Every few days try to move down the coast. Many of the towns you could visit in the French Riviera are close to each-other. Even if you do want to stay in just one place, all you need to do is travel for around half an hour and you can go to another wonderful town.

Driving Is Recommended

Most people that travel to an exotic destination do not think about this but you can do so much if you just consider driving. Renting a car is really easy in the French Riviera and this allows you to visit a lot more than when you travel on foot. The train or the ferry can definitely be taken to most travel locations but this will reduce the time that you have available to actually enjoy yourself.

The only thing that you have to remember about driving in the French Riviera is that you should get the insurance coverage. Side streets and parking garages are normally packed so you might end up scratching the rental by mistake.

Always Do Your Research

This is always something that you have to do but it should be a true priority in locations like French Riviera simply because of the fact that there are so many different things that you can do. Also, if your budget is light, you do want to be aware of what the big money will be spent on. Obviously, you do want to splurge as much as you can. You can always consider the really high-end hotels and the luxury villas for as much as you can but you should also think about the other activities that you could enjoy, together with some of the renowned restaurants.

Some of the really interesting ways to splurge when visiting the French Riviera include going on sailing trips, taking helicopter rides, take cooking classes, rent yachts and experience some of the local wineries.

Don’t Forget About The Street Food

So many wonderful snacks and quality meals can be enjoyed in locations you least expect. This does include cafes, bakeries and even street carts. Try to experience the special regional specialties like salade nicoise, fougasse, socca and the tasty barbagiuan. Most places that you can travel to will include some sort of wonderful street food option you can enjoy. If you do not know about them, which is quite common since not much information will be available online as you do your research, ask the locals. They are friendly and they will be more than willing to point you in the right direction since they are really proud of local cuisine and culture.

Do Not Skip Free Stuff

Most people traveling to the French Riviera expect everything to be expensive but there are many options for free entertainment that you do want to be a part of. It is always a good idea to visit public beaches as they are awesome and hiking to high town points is quite an experience due to the wonderful views you will see. Keep in mind that you can even visit the most popular and lavish hotels, even if you will not stay there. Do walk ports and look at what the fishermen do. Then, visit the cathedrals and see what local parks are in the town. You can even visit some wonderful museums completely free.

Remember that it is up to you to have a perfect French Riviera vacation. This is why you want to plan as much as possible but you should also enjoy all the free things available.