KSRTC playing well in Thrissur Kozhikode route

Abhilash is a regular passenger in Thrissur – Kozhikkode route. According to him,  It is very surprising and glad to see that KSRTC is gaining upper hand in this route competing with private buses running from Thrissur and Guruvayoor to Calicut.

The precision of time and reducing the running time of Fast passenger buses and good buses are the main reason. We can reach Calicut from Thrissur in 3.15 hrs and that is almost equal to super fast private buses and Fast passenger private buses. Earlier the time of KSRTC fast passenger buses to run in between Thrissur and Calicut was 3.45 hours.

During that time it is very common to see that KSRTC FP services running with the seats empty and private buses are flying with excess of passengers with full seating and standing capacity. After the time rearrangement the situation is changed and we can see the KSRTC FP services are having plenty of passengers equivalent to that of private buses and some times more than that of private buses and thus the competition is very tight in this route.

The monopoly of the private buses are now in closing stages. It is be very good if KSRTC starts town to town services from Calicut to thrissur and Guruvayoor at 10 minutes intervals maintaining the FP services. It will add more revenue to KSRTC arrange more Super fast services through this route.


  1. This is a very news…Thrissur-Kozhikode was a route where there is no value for the human life because of the rash driving and unhealthy competitions of private buses…KSRTC should add more buses in this route…

    Another routes where KSRTC is needed are Thrissur-Guruvayoor and Thrissur-Kunnankulam. KSRTC should start ordinary anr LS-ordinary in these routes…

  2. It is not reliable service from KSRTC.Because the same they did it few years back on ERNAKULAM – GURUVAYOOR Route for LS. Now most of the Private Buses stopped their service and KSRTC Started their real face.5 Years back Private Buses were consumed only 2hours and 15 minutes Via Paathaalam-Kalamassery .But now KSRTC Takes minimum 3 hours VIA Varappuzha – Bolgatty.
    We no need to expect it for long time from KSRTC,ofcourse they will be lazy after surrendering all Private buses on specified route.
    Thats History of KSRTC!

  3. I am a frequent traveller from Kottakkal to Thrissur. In my experience, I have never reached Thrissur from Kottakkal in less than 4 hrs in FP buses. It always used to take 4.15 hrs in FP. Even SF takes 4 hrs. This is the state during day time journey. It would be very good if TT services are also introduced. It is very hearty to see KSRTC getting prominence over private buses.

    Also, please modify the seating comfort of all KSRTC buses. Seats are congested.

    • kottakal to thrissur 4 hours? i didnt think so. it is when there was road work in kuttipuram choondal route or when there is traffic block in the road especially in valancery. are u a spoke men of private buses owners?????

  4. I am commanding 1st time, I will introduce later.
    Is it really?
    I had traveled KSRTC LSFP & TT buses from Calicut to Thrissur once in a month in 2005-07. In TT, It took only 3hrs to 3.30 hrs to reach From Calicut to Thrissur. While LSFP, only took 3 to 3.15 hrs. I bored with TT in its speed, old bus (in that time) & I have to catch another bus frm TCR. I am from Angamaly, So, I changed to travel to LS FP buses which goes to EKM, KTM, or pathanapuram such as. I can reach angamaly directly. Once I reached calicut-TCR 2.45 hrs in Sulthan batheri-Pathanapuram LSFP bus, the post about this bus is posted in this blog. I read it some months ago. Remember, in 2005-07 time, kuttippuram-edapal route is filled with guttars. In my expernce, Kottakkal-TCR took only 2-2.15hrs.

  5. I was a regular passenger in Thrissur – University route during 2001-2004. During this period KSRTC “Town to Town” services existed between Thrissur and Calicut. These buses required only 2 hour 10 minutes in Thrissur- university route. Most of the buses were of TATA belonging to Thrissur depot. A bus was there in the route in every 30 minutes and regular travellers loved these buses. But the problem was that of the less number of fare stages. By 2003 the buses were extended to Kannur and Kannur depot buses were also introduced. During this period buses became rare in the route as it took a long travelling time in Calicut – Kannur route. Also Kannur depot was less intrested and were using the Ashok Leyland buses with low pulling capability. These buses could not compete with the private buses that truly flied in Calicut – Thrissur NH. After 6 months of experiment the route was again rearranged as Calicut- Thrissur using Thrissur depot buses. Now the Thrissur depot buses became older and no steps were taken to replace these old buses and it began to take nearly 2 hour 45 minutes from Thrissur to University. Now regular people also avoided these buses. Buses were soon vanished from the route.

    To sinoj:
    PTPM-SBY LSFP was introduced by Ganeshkumar when he was the transport minister in 2001 as a LSFP service. Later they were converted to SF buses by changing the route betwen PTPM and KTM along with the timing. When bus charges were raised in 2002 the buses were converted back to LSFP. The timing allloted for SF buses continued. Those who travelled in this bus may be remembering the buses TP561 and TP562 (with glass windows) used for this service. By 2004 the timing was rearranged. Being the longest LSFP route of KSRTC the time allotment of this bus is still better than other LSFP buses in this route and the drivers of PTPM are capable for maintaing the speed.

  6. I travelled in TSR KKD sector and back on Friday. Being a Holiday, I was impressed with the passenger load that both buses got.

    Towards Kozhikode, I got the KTM-KKD FP which took only 3 Hrs 10 Minutes to reach Kozhikode. Bus was a TATA – RNM 5**. It was full from TSR till KKD with as many as 20 + standing passengers in the middle for some good distance.

    From Kozhikode, I got the 6:00 PM KKD-PNKM LSFP, RNE 825 AL (I guess). Excluding a 25 minute block in KKD city, this also reached TSR in 3 Hrs 10 minutes flat. It got decent loads as well. The driver was maintaining a constant speed and was always willing to give way to an overspeeding Private bus to avoid unnecessary competition. The bus was having a speed limited around 80 +, and the driver should have been sure that there is no point in racing with a 100+ Kmph capable private bus.

    In my opinion, both buses should have collected 4000+ just from the TSR – KKD sector.

    Also the commuters have changed a lot. They are not hesitant in using KSRTC buses any more. From KKD to TSR and back I have seen only few KSRTC buses en route which were cartying roughly less than 30 passenger; All others had decent loads. Now in TSR KSRTC Stand, almost all the time there will be at least one KKD bus ready for departure.

    An obesrvation from the TSR-KKD leg is that, we got more passengers just because the private ahead of us was a super fast. Could be, in between passengers are not keen in using a Super Fast.

  7. during heavy trafic blocks hiring private buses is better, fro kozhikode to kannur ksrtc travel timris 3.00hrs, 3.15hrs, sometimes even 3.45hrs, but private buses superfast1.30hrsor 2.00 hrs, ls2.30 or2.45 hrs.

  8. @sajaN K JOHN….
    1.30-2 hrs l KNR-KKD day time l odi ethunna PVT bus onnu paranju thannal ee paripady avasanippikkam….

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