Goondas Taking Over Private Bus Services In Kochi – IBN Live

Red Killers are again on spree! Disregarding the fact that discussions and talks have been conducted, where is any code of conduct or discipline in how these busses ply? Apart from all those complaints, now the goondas in Kochi have leased out at least 50 private buses and started to conduct services using muscle power, says a report from

The report says that the authorities still remain apathetic as they there is hardly any solid proof for the goons leasing out buses.

According to the private bus owners, conducting services has become very difficult due to the ever increasing hike in the running cost. Back to back hikes in diesel and spare parts prices coupled with the unavailability of workers have forced many of the bus owners to withdraw from the field. Given the huge financial responsibilities involved in running a bus, most of them found it difficult to dispose it off, said M B Sathyan, secretary, Private Bus Operators’ Association. It is at this juncture that the goons came up with the idea of rescuing the bus owners. The goonda leaders make an offer to the bus owners – that they will run the service on behalf of them and give them a handsome amount.

The goons bear the running cost and maintenance charges up to `200. The bus owners should pay the vehicle taxes and insurance premium. Once they take over the service, the goons will do whatever possible for making the service profitable. All the bus employees will be gangsters, who will threaten the employees of other buses and run the service without keeping the time schedule.

A gangster will be specially deployed in the bus which runs just ahead of an ordinary bus. The man on deputation will not allow the employees of the other bus to stop at all the bus stops or pick up passengers. The passengers will be forced to get into the goonda buses which follow.  These buses zigzag through the road giving fellow motorists a difficult time. Other motorists too will have to put up with insult and abuse. If anybody dares to question their attitude, he will be given his due on the spot. Even the passengers who question the rash driving and misbehaviour are manhandled by them.