Dream Design For Our Super Deluxe Air Bus

KSRTC fans are always dreaming about the new buses from KSRTC with awesome design, excellent body quality and interiors. They are also worried about the external looks of the bus.

Here, Antony Varghese has made a new design for our Super Deluxe Air buses. Our present Super Deluxe buses are built by Central Workshop of KSRTC. Antony is dreaming about a Super Deluxe bus from Edappal Regional Workshop of KSRTC, which is famous for its awesome body design and quality.

Another version of the dream design


  1. Design is good. I think instead of luggage carrier on the roof, it can be below the passenger cabin. The passenger cabin should be separated from the driver’s cabin. But will KSRTC accept and follow the design?

  2. So your dreams are outdated. Boxy designs are not that great now
    While the first version is the present super express bus, the second one seems to be a modified version of the first (with the door window pane and window slant taken from Volvo design..)

    The seating needs to be at a bit higher position.

    Personally I think the Prakash body of most non AC semi sleeper private buses plying are enough and since its KeSRTC no need of spending more on designs.. For eg. the 12m design of KPN,Parveen non AC etc..

    My suggestion: Get the old Super Deluxe “Air Bus” back to action (the white and blue ones). They had plenty of legspace, seats were quite comfortable and the cabin was at a higher level so good comfort also..

  3. Dreaming design !!
    But it very old design which had already buses were made by 1984 and now condemned.
    Now a latest design are there.

  4. The present design of our S.D buses r like pencil box…The first design s juz like dat only…bit modified version dats all..The second one s okay….Super Deluxe Air Bus should be like the new Rajahamsa Execuive buses of Karnataka.S.R.T.C

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