Double-decker, Rajadhani buses service brings loss to KSRTC

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The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is unhappy with the running of double-decker, vestibule and the recently introduced ring-road bus services in Thiruvananthapuram.

While revenue earnings are very low for double-decker and ring-road services, things are just getting better for vestibule buses following an increase in revenue after the service was extended to Attingal. But the narrow and busy roads pose difficulty for the ‘road-train’ bus drivers.

According to official sources, government started the services without considering the practical difficulties or conducting feasibility studies.

The double-decker has two services in the city, the first one being a heritage service which tourists could book up to eight hours in advance. The second one is a regular service from East Fort to Sasthamangalam and Shankumukham. After starting the heritage service in March 2011, KSRTC could earn just Rs 2,17,000 up to May 2012. Meanwhile, the daily earning of the regular service is not more than Rs 7,000, officials sources revealed.

“Though we have advertised the 72-seater heritage bus well through media and our website, there are very few takers for it and on most days it remains idle at the depot. It has never got more than 20 bookings a month. The regular service, meanwhile, cannot go beyond certain stretches due to overhead cables and tree branches. Considering fuel and maintenance expenses and the current rates, a bus needs to generate revenue of at least Rs 10,000 per day, but with these services, it is not happening,” said a senior KSRTC official.

According to the department, the vestibule bus, with 62 seats has been running at a loss since it was launched in March 2011, but after extending the service up to Attingal recently, it is slowly showing signs of generating income. However, the Rajadhani service through the ring-roads, which was introduced in April 2012, has incurred heavy loss and already the KSRTC has submitted a recommendation to change the routes.

“The daily collection of the Rajadhani buses connecting Poonthura, Beemapalli, Sankhumukham, Veli, Pettah, Palayam and Thampanoor is less that Rs 4,000. We have recommended a change of route through Inchakkal, Veli, Kazhakoottam, Kesavadasapuram and Thampanoor where bus services are less and population is high. However, people’s representatives, without considering the situation, force us to run services in unprofitable routes,” the official added. V S Sivakumar, who was transport minister when the Rajadhani service was launched, told TOI that he would look into the issue.

Source: Times Of India


    1. People likes Rajadhani buses, specially these are connecting major junctions in the City, like Karamana, Thirumala, Vattiyoorkavu, Peroorkada, Mannanthala and Medical College etc. The service can increase its collection, if it divert as Mannanthala to East Fort directly via Pattom.

  1. Ksrtc should learn lessons, .they should introduce more TATA . AL are giving heavy loss to the KSRTC. The officials should buy more TATA buses.

  2. Rajadhani == FP charges, ordinary service, like Ananthapuri.
    good that it is running in losses, otherwise ordinary services in TVM dist would have gone the way of city services. The number of Ananthapuri is more than double that of city services, FP charges + no concessions. KSRTC should stop looting Trivandrum.

  3. Shabeer & Ram. If you like TATA so Kesrtc also buy that?.Check the status man. TATA buses are making more loses for KeSRTC even in city services.Recentily Kartc also buy more euro IV standard Al insted of TATA due to maintance.Chasis cost is more for AL but maintance is less but TATA it vise versa..

  4. to the senior officer who cries about loss,
    new buses are bought on loans ,isn’t ? so they should bring more income to pay loan also. why are you allotting brand new buses for ordinary service? cut chassis is exempted .we are in loss sir,we can’t let a single penny to the following needed
    for a firm like us.
    1. why we run new ordinary buses,at the same time 3,4,5 years old super fast and fast,which have frequent breakdowns and problematic service records.
    2.T T and FSLS are designed to run in private competitions sectors or in area where there is only ordinary service. what is need this buses operating in sectors where there is FP, SFP and EXPRESS loosing income and cheating passengers.
    3.LSO is designed to help ordinary passengers. we are not against students,we love them, but ,what will you feel when an LSO running in peak hours filled with students incurring loss and really aimed people outside. in a loss firm
    4. why are you not strictly asking all buses to enter arrival and departure time all main stations, to avoid convoy service of FP &
    SFP ,and accidents and EPB loss.
    and many many more more reasons.
    first of all, better straight you bends instead of blaming other factors.

  5. this is not a new thing for ksrtc & after starting new service they say this thing only loss

  6. When I stand in front of Infosys campus bus stop there wasnt be any buses for first 30 – 40 mins. Then comes 1 Rajadhani, 1 low floor and 1 Ananthapuri in a row.
    This is the reason for the loss. KSRTC should reschedule the city bus timing.
    Also the fair structure in Trivandrum city is poor. I have to give 14 Rs for a city fast/Rajadhani from Kazhakkuttom to East fort which takes minimum1hr and stops at almost all stops . Whereas for a limitedStop FP the fair is same but it will reach Thambanur at 30-40 mins (without blocks).

  7. Why don't the KSRTC operate some Rajadhani or other services from East Fort to Karamana/Jagathy/Pangode – Valiyavila-Sasthamangalam- East Fort circular services OR some buses from Kattakada/Vellanadu to East Fort/Thampanoor via Peyad-Valiyavila-Sasthamangalam route. Valiyavila to Sasthamangalm/ Vellayambalam has very rare buses but moreover Govt Offices are located Sasthamangalm/Vellayambalam/Palayam area.