Ankamali depot is lucky to operate the pride of KSRTC, Double Decker Bus in Kochi. The decision behind this was the bus cannot enter Ernakulam or Aluva bus station because of its height.

The double decker bus offering a new experience to Kochites started its first service on Monday. The bus plying between Ankamali and Thoppumpati will run via NH Byepass.

Time Schedule

Departure From Ankamali: 06.15
Arrival At Thoppumpati: 08.35

Departure From Thoppumpati: 08.45
Arrival At Kalamassery: 10.00

Departure From Kalamassery: 10.30
Arrival At Thoppumpati: 11.45

Departure From Thoppumpati: 12.00
Arrival At Kalamassery: 13.15

Departure From Kalamassery: 13.45
Arrival At Thoppumpati: 15.00

Departure From Thoppumpati: 15.15
Arrival At Kalamassery: 16.30

Departure From Kalamassery: 17.00
Arrival At Thoppumpati: 18.15

Departure From Thoppumpati: 18.25
Arrival At Ankamali: 20.45

There will be eight trips of which all the trips except the first and the last will be between Thoppumpady and Kalamassery.