Following the new traffic regulations, the diversion of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses through the Pump Junction at Aluva has led to major losses for KSRTC within a week of its implementation.

According to the officials, the decision for diversion was taken by the Transport Committee on the grounds of increasing traffic congestion in the Aluva Railway Station area.
ATO S Gopi of KSRTC Aluva said that the rule was implemented by the Traffic Committee much earlier than expected by the KSRTC.

“The Traffic Committee had told us about the new traffic diversion which they were to implement soon.
However, they had not told us that they would enforce it from last Monday.

We have been facing a huge revenue loss because of the impractical route diversion,” he said.
KSRTC has been running at least 200 buses to Perumbavoor, Angamaly, Thrissur, Muvattapuzha and Kothamangalam via Aluva.

Also, more and more people are opting for the services of the private buses on that route.
“Since the new route takes additional 15 minutes for the KSRTC buses to reach the Aluva bus stand, people travelling to and fro from Perumbavoor, Angamaly and Thrissur are opting for private buses.

“The low passenger patronage for our buses here have led to the cancellation of quite a few KSRTC services,” Gopi added.

“In addition to the extra time taken, we are being forced to run at least two kilometres extra,” he said.
And as the KSRTC continues to incur losses in the region, the officials and unions blame the police for favouring private bus operators by implementing this decision.

There is a huge private lobby behind this

Why have the private buses been exempted from the route diversion? This diversion has been taken in favour of the private buses who are expected to benefit from our route diversion in the long run,” alleged T P Venu, district secretary, KSRTEA.

The KSRTC officials have made a written complaint to the District Collector on Monday asking him to reconsider the route diversion of the KSRTC buses.

Courtesy: Exprexx Buzz